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Certified Industrial Hygienists Offering Industrial Hygiene, Health, & Safety Testing and Consulting Services Nationwide

RPF Environmental can provide on-site environmental, health, and safety expertise for both Industry (29 CFR 1910) and Construction (29 CFR 1926) projects. Our professional, experienced, and licensed staff will adapt to your operations seamlessly and can manage the environmental and safety concerns so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Our resources provide convenience and productivity for our clients. We have been successful in helping businesses meet the challenges of fluctuating workloads, varying contract locations, schedule demands, seasonal requirements, and the complexities of ever-changing compliance initiatives by delivering full turnkey solutions from project design through contract completion.

Offering Industrial Hygiene Services to Various Industries in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York & Beyond

RPF Environmental delivers a full spectrum of industrial hygiene surveys throughout the country. We are backed by over 30 years of industry experience to provide industrial hygiene contaminant surveys, IH engineering solutions, exposure assessments, safety audits, accredited lab services, and more. Whatever the type and magnitude of your project, we are prepared to help you find custom solutions in a timely manner, all at a lower cost than other national firms will charge. Don’t hesitate to see how our expert team can be of service.

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High-Quality & Economical Industrial Hygiene Surveys Offered By RPF's Health and Safety Experts

At RPF Environmental, our industrial hygiene services and inspections include, but are not limited to:

Aside from industrial hygiene consulting, we also offer environmental testing services that include mold, asbestos, and lead testing and inspection as well as Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

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“We have worked with RPF Environmental for several years now. They are a great company to work with, very knowledgeable, helpful, professional and friendly.”

– Heather Nichols – Kahr Arms

“RPF is a great company to work with, highly knowledgeable, great to work with and accommodating.”

– Jennifer Gilbert- St. Charles School


“They are a great company and have provided prompt and professional services.”

– Bill Botting- SAU 60; Fall Mountain School District

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Let Us Help You Create a Healthy & Safe Workplace Through Our Industrial Hygiene Safety Audits

Industrial hygiene is defined by OSHA as “that science and art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of those environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace, which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort among workers or among the citizens of the community.”

Through proper industrial hygiene, potential health hazards can be better controlled. Under the OSH Act, mandatory health and safety requirements are applicable to millions of businesses in the U.S. These standards are designed to protect workers from health hazards associated with toxic chemicals, biological hazards, and harmful physical agents. These standards also protect those living near worksites.

Knowing where your company stands in its hygiene efforts is important. Only then can you be assured you are taking the necessary actions to protect worker safety and productivity and keep the environment in and around the worksite safer for everyone.

An effective industrial hygiene program includes the following elements:

  • Identifying the risks and hazards in the workplace
  • Implementing processes that control these risks
  • Allocating resources to provide a safe work environment

The safety experts at RPF Environmental will conduct a thorough and unbiased assessment of your worksite. Through the audit, we will determine whether the company meets OSHA and other regulations. When areas are found deficient, we will provide a plan outlining the action steps needed to resolve any area not in compliance. Depending on the needs of your company, we can provide bottom-to-top audits or evaluate specific areas of concern.

Our evaluation will include investigating the following:

  • Air Contaminants
  • Biological Hazards
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Ergonomic Hazards
  • Personal Protective Equipment Use
  • Physical Hazards
  • Ventilation

Our team will also review policies and procedures such as recordkeeping, employee safety training, and current engineering, work practice, and administrative controls. We will measure the company’s methods against OSHA’s requirements, including any applicable updated COVID-19 guidance.

At the end of an audit by RPF Environmental, any appropriate action steps will result in a healthier work environment. Your company will also be better prepared for any potential OSHA inspection.

Nationwide & Industry-Wide Industrial Hygiene Consulting

RPF Environmental is an industrial hygiene consulting firm that has serviced thousands of satisfied clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our certified professionals give clients a clear presentation of the options available to them, providing concise, timely reports with complete evaluations of the data.

Our experienced staff includes:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH)
  • Certified Safety Professionals (CSP)
  • IH field technicians
  • Hazardous material managers
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Thermographers

Our experienced staff also partners with experts that include some of the region’s top professional geologists, engineers, ecologists, and more. As industry leaders, RPF Environmental is distinguished by a reputation for excellence when it comes to ensuring a safe working environment for organizations and employees, as well as achieving compliance with all applicable regulations.

In business since 1991, we offer some of the quickest turnarounds available in the entire industry, particularly when it comes to emergency situations and projects that are under an urgent deadline.

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