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Machine guarding is a crucial part of OSHA compliance procedures. Companies that utilize moving equipment or machinery are at a higher risk of injury and legal action if they do not follow safety guidelines.

At RPF Environmental Inc., we offer comprehensive evaluations and instructions for OSHA compliance so you can be assured that your business is operating safely. Our team of expert technicians is ready to help you reach total compliance efficiently and effectively, and with a track record of success, we have the expertise you need to succeed.

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Machine Guarding and Safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for issuing guidelines and restrictions to protect workers. Industries that rely on heavy machinery and moving machine parts are hazardous for workers, which is why OSHA has established strict requirements and safety guidelines.

Workers in these industries are at a higher risk of severe workplace injuries, including:

  • Amputations
  • Crushed appendages
  • Burns
  • Blindness
  • Broken bones

One minor issue with a machine could result in permanent and debilitating injuries that may destroy a person’s life and ability to find other work. It could also open up the opportunity for litigation against the company if it were discovered that they did not comply with OSHA.

In Practice

To protect employees from debilitating injuries, it is critical that businesses implement machine guarding procedures and install safeguards to the best of their ability.

Depending on the type of machinery in use, companies may be responsible for disabling certain functions, installing safety locks, or providing protective equipment and training to workers.

OSHA provides specific guarding practices for a variety of machines, including:

  • Mechanical power presses
  • Horizontal injection molding machines
  • Turbines
  • And more

To meet compliance requirements, you must have a robust understanding of hazard recognition. This means that you and your employees are educated in what to look for and where and when hazards are most likely to occur.

In many cases, recognizing a hazard before it becomes an incident is difficult, and the outcome may depend on how the operator acts in the moment. Reflexes and instincts are important, but according to OSHA, they should not be necessary on a daily basis.

By detecting issues before they come up, you can better prepare yourself and your employees and create action plans for when things go wrong.

How RPF Environmental Inc. Can Help

While OSHA exists to protect employees from negligence and workplace injuries, some rules and regulations are convoluted and difficult to implement. Businesses also use machinery in different ways and educate their workers accordingly. Because of this, compliance often seems unrealistic.

RPF Environmental Inc. technicians have extensive experience in a multitude of industries and safety matters, including machine guarding. We understand how important it is to solve problems quickly. Not only does our team work quickly to evaluate the situation and assess the possible risks, but we also provide comprehensive instructions on how you can implement important machine guarding procedures.

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