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Legionellosis and How to Help Prevent it in Your Building (Part 1 of 4)

LegionellosisWe have been hearing about Legionnaires’ disease in our area lately; there was an outbreak stemming from a hot tub at a beach resort in New Hampshire. While scanning through the news on the web about outbreaks, I saw other recent occurrences of this illness: at a VA hospital in the Boston area, at a business in Upper Manhattan, at a nursing home in Rhode Island, at an apartment complex and at a homeless shelter in Baltimore, at a church in Illinois (from the baptismal font), and the list goes on. The most disturbing thing is that some of the affected people have died from this disease. Then, among these articles, of course there are the inevitable lawyers advertising that they can get lots of money for you if you or a loved one got Legionnaires’ disease from some form of negligence. I think how glad I am that it’s not me dealing with this at one of our offices, and how many others are probably thinking the same thing; especially those who are responsible for reducing the risk of it occurring. I ask myself, “Am I prepared to defend myself if there is a Legionnaire’s disease outbreak in any of our buildings?” Building owners and managers everywhere would do well to ask this too. This blog series will provide an overview about legionellosis and help you understand the basics of how to prevent it in your building. Stay tuned for next week’s post.

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