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Press Release: Adam Frey joins RPF Environmental, Inc.

Adam Frey

Northwood, NH, February 1, 2018: RPF Environmental, Inc., an environmental health and safety (EH&S) consulting firm, is proud to announce that Adam Frey has joined the team and successfully completed his initial field training as an EH&S technician. Mr. Frey earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental science from Southern New Hampshire University. Over the past year, he obtained three licenses for asbestos consulting and testing, training for OSHA compliance, experience with a wide array of air sampling methods, and certification for optical microscopy. He also gained hands-on training and experience in various projects involving many of the services provided by RPF Environmental. RPF Environmental is an environmental testing and industrial hygiene consulting firm with offices located in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire: providing indoor air quality assessments, industrial hygiene investigations, safety audits, hazardous material surveys, environmental site assessments, and other related projects. Visit their website at www.airpf.com or call 1-888 SAFE AIR

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