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RPF Environmental Assists American Lung Association for Development of Mold Contamination Guidelines

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Northwood NH, March 29, 2013: RPF Environmental, Inc. (RPF) assisted the NH Lung Association’s Mold Task Force with the development of a new mold contamination guideline, the Standard of Care for the New Hampshire Mold Industry – A Guide for Citizens Affected by Mold and Moisture in New Hampshire Buildings. The guideline creates a standard of care for building owners and the mold remediation industry. This is crucial considering the lack of federal and state regulations pertaining to the proper handling and cleanup of mold contamination in homes and other buildings.

In 2008, a group of New Hampshire Legislators, business leaders, and heath administrators came together with the same concern: there are currently no laws in place to protect the citizens of NH when it comes to mold and poor indoor air quality. The most recent NH legislative effort to provide regulation of mold remediation in 2009, House Bill 4821, did not pass, losing by just one vote. Not ready to give up, the group approached the lawmakers involved, who suggested that the group form a “Mold Task Force,” with the goal of creating a Standard of Care for the NH Mold Industry. The New Hampshire Mold Task Force was formed, and the group spent the next several months creating what is now this document. The goal of this Standard of Care is to provide information to the citizens of NH not only about the causes of indoor mold, the possible health risks, and prevention measures, but also about the Mold Industry in general, including best practices and tips for hiring consultants and contractors. This is a first step in educating and protecting the public on the issues related to mold in NH.

The process included meetings with various stakeholders from across NH and a review of regulations and policies from other states across the country. RPF’s experiences with investigations, solutions and legal actions were provided to the group as the Standard of Care was developed, balancing technical and economic drivers on the topic.

With offices in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, RPF provides indoor air quality and mold contamination assessments; hazardous material testing; OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance services; and site inspections for asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs and other environmental hazards. In addition, the RPF professional development group provides corporate health and safety training programs for clients throughout the country. Visit their web site at or call (603) 942-5432 for more information.

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