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New EPA Rule: Levels of Lead in Dust

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The EPA Rules Hazard Standards and Clearance Levels for Lead in Dust

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Lead-containing dust can be linked to deteriorating lead paint from old surfaces, (e.g., window frames, sills, and doors), paint that is disturbed during building repair, lead dust that migrating from construction sites without adequate dust control, and many more causes. While lead exposure is a major risk for both children and adults alike, children under 6 are at a higher risk of lifelong impacts and negative consequences on their early development.

Due to this, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strived to further prevent childhood lead poisoning by officially enacting a new rule effective January 6, 2020; lowering concentrations from 40 micrograms (µg)/ square foot (ft2) and 250 µg/ft2 down to 10 µg/ft2 and 100 µg/ft2 on floors and window sills, respectively.

Additionally, a proposed rule was announced on June 17, 2020; Hazard Standards and Clearance Levels for Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil (TSCA Sections 402 and 403) will also increase the effectiveness of abatement work for lead-based paint hazards in pre-1978 homes and childcare facilities, and lower the clearance definitions accordingly.

What Property Owners Should Know

As a facility manager orbusiness owner, you should feel obliged to ensure the safety of yourself, employees, tenants, and any visitors to and from your property.

Some of the things you can do to maximize safety include:

  • Stay updated with rules and regulations: Government agencies such as the EPA and OSHA enact rules and regulations for the maintenance and management of lead levels within buildings, especially those before 1978. Visit the EPA website to learn more.
  • Plan for lead abatement: To manage any lead paint within a building, lead abatement will help eliminate the harmful substance. Even if the lead present is safe enough to continue working on-site, any renovations or repairs done on surfaces containing lead paint can result in contaminated dust being released into the air or other surfaces.
  • Get your property tested: Having your building tested by a certified environmental testing firm is the safest way to identify the presence of lead and potential risks that require abatement or remediation. For maintenance and construction or demolition work, OSHA also requires that employers identify potential risks at worksites and to take steps to manage any lead exposure.

How RPF Environmental Services Can Help

Managing a lead-safe property can help keep you, tenants, and your workers safe and healthy. Our inspection experts at RPF Environmental, Inc., can help survey and analyze for any surface lead dust as well as the actual paint to test possible lead exposures. Equipped with the technology and workforce needed to identify hazardous materials, you can trust our services to provide you with quick results catered to your personal and business needs.

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