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Lead Paint Inspection in Boston

Lead Paint Testing and Inspection in Boston, Massachusetts

RPF Environmental Offers Cost-Effective Lead Paint Testing and Abatement in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Nationwide

Lead paint or lead-based paint is common in both residential and commercial structures built before 1978. It causes serious health complications when inhaled or ingested, especially in young children. Lead paint surveys aim to determine the presence of potential lead paint hazards in your home or business to ensure the safety of your family or investments. Only highly trained and certified professionals can detect and assess lead paint accurately using state-of-the-art technology.

RPF Environmental is an expert environmental consulting and testing company that offers lead paint testing and inspection services, including XRF lead testing, across the country including Boston. We help various clients including homeowners, business owners, and government institutions comply with OSHA, EPA, and CDC regulations including the Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule.

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Lead Paint Inspection and Abatement Services We Offer in Boston

RPF Environmental offers lead inspection and lead-based paint testing services to residential and commercial establishments throughout Massachusetts including construction, manufacturing, and industrial settings. We perform comprehensive tests for lead paint to detect dangerous lead hazards in your home or property and help you take the necessary actions.

Among the lead-based paint testing services we offer are:

  • Lead Safe Certificate and Residential LBP risk assessments (NH only)
  • Lead survey for OSHA worker exposures
  • Waste characterization
  • Air, water, and surface dust testing & analysis
  • Lead and RCRA 8 TCLP analysis
  • Lead remediation design, bid, and contract administration
  • Litigation support
  • Accredited laboratory analysis

Our process involves a comprehensive analysis of the location and assessment of hazards so we can give you professional advice on how to deal with the problem. Some of the common areas we may examine during lead paint testing include:

  • Ceiling
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Closets
  • Floors

Why Choose RPF Environmental

We have been one of the leading providers of lead inspection services in Boston, Massachusetts including and other areas in the United States since 1991. Thus, you can trust our years of experience in the industry. We are also composed of a team of certified lead paint inspectors and lead risk assessors so we can give you reliable results to keep your property lead-free.

In addition, we use cutting-edge technology and proven strategies for effective and accurate surveys and assessments in our certified lead paint testing lab. We offer our services at affordable prices with the fastest turnaround time. This will help you speed up your renovation projects or house purchase if you are buying a new home.

Client Testimonials
“We have worked with RPF Environmental for several years now. They are a great company to work with, very knowledgeable, helpful, professional and friendly.”

- Heather Nichols – Kahr Arms
“RPF is a great company to work with, highly knowledgeable, great to work with and accommodating.”

- Jennifer Gilbert- St. Charles School
“I have been using the services of RPF Environmental for several years and plan on continuing to do so.”

- Bill Timmons- SPS New England
“I will continue to call on RPF for all things related to environmental safety and health.”

- Richard A. Falardeau- SAU 49; Gov. Wentworth Regional School District
“They are a great company and have provided prompt and professional services.”

- Bill Botting- SAU 60; Fall Mountain School District
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Importance of Hiring a Certified Lead Paint Inspection and Testing Professional

Although the use of lead-based paint was banned in 1978, it can still be found in many old homes in the United States including Boston. Moreover, homes built after 1978 are also not necessarily lead paint-free. This is why it is important to identify lead paint hazards prior to buying, renting, or remodeling your home/business. Otherwise, you might end up disturbing the paint which will produce toxic lead dust that can put your family or business at risk.

Lead inspections and assessments can accurately determine the severity of the lead hazards and help in designing the best solutions. However, you can only get reliable results from certified professionals like RPF Environmental.

In addition, among the key reasons why you should have your home inspected for lead hazards according to EPA include:

  • You are living in an old house built before 1978 and have young children
  • You have a child diagnosed for having lead poisoning
  • You are planning to remodel your home
  • You are buying or renting an old house
  • You are concerned about lead exposure

The Dangers of Lead Paint

Young children can touch or chew on lead-contaminated objects including toys and even ingest flaking paint chips. This can cause permanent damage to their nervous system, brain, and kidneys. Even low levels in their blood can cause behavior and learning problems. Among the best ways you can prevent childhood lead poisoning is through lead hazard inspection and following lead-safe work practices when doing home renovations.

In addition, exposed pregnant women can pass the lead to their unborn child and cause miscarriage and premature birth in addition to the health risks we mentioned previously.

Lead Paint Law Requirements

The Massachusetts Lead Law also requires lead-based paint hazards to be removed or covered in homes constructed before 1978, especially if you have kids below 6 years old. Homeowners must comply with this law and ensure that no lead hazards like deteriorating paint on friction surfaces are present in the child’s home.

Work With RPF Environmental’s Licensed Lead Paint Inspectors Now

If you’re a homeowner who wants to know if your house is safe from lead or need a lead certification to comply with regulations, we can help you. We offer professional, affordable, and fast lead paint testing and risk assessment services in Boston, Massachusetts and other areas across the U.S.

Reach out to RPF Environmental now and schedule a consultation with our certified lead paint inspection specialists.

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