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Safety Management Specialist Certification Earned by Kara Forsythe

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After officially completing the necessary courses and requirements, Kara L. Forsythe of RPF Environmental, Inc., headquartered in Northwood, New Hampshire, has officially received her Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) certification. In order to earn this prestigious distinction, a highly-scrutinized examination regarding safety, health, and environmental disciplines must be passed by the applicant. A BCSP certification will only remain valid for a total of five years. Certificate holders that wish to keep the honor must reapply again when their certificate expires and once again pass the difficult exam.

As the years have gone by and the environmental sciences have advanced, the potential safety hazards of pertinent fields and industries have also changed and become considerably more complicated. In order to maintain safety ideals and spread awareness of issues or dangers, the Board of Certified Safety Professionals allows people to seek certification and become a positive influence in their workplace, communities, and beyond. Once certified, industry professionals are considered to be unmatched in their understanding of safety regulations, protocols, and laws, and capable of directing others to act appropriately in workplaces and potentially hazardous situations.

For close to 20 years, Kara Forsythe has held an impressive career in commercial and industrial businesses. She is currently a Senior Environmental Health & Safety Consultant at RPF Environmental, Inc. The company provides a wide variety of services, all related to environmental and jobsite safety.

Some of the jobs and services provided by RPF Environmental include:

  • Indoor air quality tests
  • Mold tests
  • Construction site safety tests
  • OSHA or EPA preparatory compliance inspections
  • Asbestos inspection and testing
  • Lead paint tests

Beyond these environmental and jobsite safety services, tests, and inspections, RPF Environmental also offers training courses to be used by corporations and healthcare groups that need to improve safety standards. Ms. Forsythe’s newly-acquired BCSP certification will certainly help the company provide even more insightful training and intelligent solutions for clients.

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