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The Covid-19 Pandemic’s Relationship with HVAC Systems


The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recently created a task force, putting their technological know-how to work investigating the complexities of the relationship between the Covid-19 pandemic and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. As such, they published two statements to help building managers maintain their facility. ASHRAE asserts that residential and commercial building managers should keep their air conditioning running to help control the spread of COVID-19.

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The first statement essentially reads that COVID-19 airborne exposures should be controlled and changes to building HVAC systems can help in that effort.

The second statement is that ventilation and filtration achieved through proper HVAC can reduce airborne concentrations and therefore help minimize the risk of airborne transmission. Disabling HVAC systems is not recommended as a measure to reduce virus transmission. Visit www.ashrae.org/COVID19 for additional details.

RPF can help you decipher your Indoor Air Quality needs in relation to COVID-19. We have been providing air quality testing, including assessments to help measure the amount fresh air in building spaces, for nearly 30 years. In addition, RPF offers support services for post-COVID-19 post-cleaning verification. Call us with additional questions and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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